But not ready to pay the huge fees that come with one? Then keep reading.

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Are you new to the online world, pivoting from a in person model to an online model, wanting to start a biz or just tired of slow results and plateaus in your business? Not ready for the high ticket price tag of 1:1 coaching?

If you answered yes to any of that, then this is for you! 

My Group Coaching is EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know, do, be and have to start attracting clients and actually selling your services! 

The best part of it… well since it is a group, you get to learn from others, get the resources and have me!


👎🏻Living paycheck to paycheck and knowing you are worth so much more?

👎🏻Tired of trying everything in your business to have growth and nothing is working?

👎🏻Feeling overwhelmed with all the things you could do in your business and wish you knew exactly what to do?

👎🏻Wishing and hoping you could make those big buck months like those you see in your feeds?


in this program you…

Meet with business coach, Teagan Hintze, on a zoom call where you get coached personally through issues, needs and helps. 

Gain access to a private slack community where you can ask questions, interact with other members of the community and gain support.

Gain access to an exclusive group where you can drop items for feedback, join in lives and network.

Gain access to any new and existing workbooks, cheatsheets and ebooks. 

Each month one 1:1 spot will be up for grabs, you can enter to win it and have a personal coaching session with Teagan.

Monthly we will have guest experts join the conversation and teach you on things like sales, mindset, marketing etc.

My regular 1:1 business coaching costs upwards of $1500/mo. You gain all this and more for just $179/mo.


Cause who doesn’t love a good bonus?

Until July 30th if you join the group program, you gain access to my trainings:


This is a 6 week course to teach you how to gain a massive following on Instagram. I used this training to grow my account from 800 followers to over 9k, as well as taking client accounts from 300 to 12k. It works! (value of $297)


This is a 6 week course to teach you the ins and outs of Pinterest! This is the most underrated marketing tool out there, and you need it in your tool box. I used these techniques and tricks to grow my account to over 1 million views, drive massive traffic and gain sales. (value of $497)


Teagan is a ROCKSTAR. She has an uncanny knack for making you feel super comfortable while reaching the spark inside of you that needs to come out. She has been super attentive to me and my needs. Everything is very tailored and specific to my business.


I wish I had her skills. She takes the time to learn everything about the client, their product and their business so she can do what is best to help them grow and excel. She coached me through every step, and supported me when I needed it.


Since working with Teagan my business exploded. I love that she took the time to sit down and get to know me, my business and my personality. Because of that, I knew she was invested in me and my business.


You could leave the overwhelm, the feast and the famine, the paycheck to paycheck life behind and be confident that you are taking the right actions to move your business forward.

You could create a brand, content and services that attract your dream clients to you so that you don’t have to worry about “getting clients”. Hunting clients down would be a thing of the past.

You could work half as much and earn twice, or even three times more than you do right now. Talk about freedoms.

You could feel completely supported, have every strategy and mindset tool at your fingertips, a multiple 6 figure earning woman right there to answer your questions. 


“I’ve invested over $500k into learning how to grow a business and serve my clients…”

Five years ago I was working a 9-5 job, putting in 50+ hour work weeks, had a four month old and an absent husband. On an ordinary Thursday I was called into the CEO’s office and demoted from my Marketing Director job of 3 years because I ‘wasn’t a leader’.

I took that fire, decided then and there I was done with answering to someone else and created the business I wanted. It took me 2 weeks to replace my income and walk away. 

A few years later I divorced my absentee husband, became a full time single mother and started over. I invested even more into my business and haven’t looked back since. 

I have invested over $500k just to learn about business, the tools and what I need to be a success for my self and my clients. 

My family still thinks I am crazy and often refers to my job as a ‘social media person’. But here I am 5 years later a multiple six figure earner, making 5 figure months on repeat and living the dream in sweatpants.

I want the same for you! There is no reason why you can’t have it!


⚡️You are ready to take your business to a whole new level and live the life YOU want.

⚡️You KNOW you need someone there to support you, guide you and help you in your business. 

⚡️You’ve downloaded a billion freebies to the freebie graveyard and nothing is helping. Maybe you have had a coach but they just didn’t help at all.

⚡️You know you need someone to call you out on your issues, cause this thing isn’t going to make itself.

⚡️You have done all the strategies and things, but not seeing results you want


👉🏻 You want to go back to the 9-5 grind and live a paycheck to paycheck life

👉🏻 You like feeling stuck and don’t want to grow your business

👉🏻 You aren’t ready to put in the work to grow your business – both mindset and physically

👉🏻 You enjoy lowering your prices to gain clients

👉🏻 You like the feast and famine cycle

👉🏻 You are looking for a ‘silver bullet’ to fix your issues


Listen, I truly understand how scary it can feel to take a bet on yourself. The thing is, it’s not a bet. Coaching is an investment in your highest self. No excuses necessary🙌🏼

Here are some of the most common things I hear from people considering this investment…

“I can do this on my own, I don’t need to invest to succeed”

Starting and scaling an online business on your own is like trying to build ikea furniture without instructions! Sure, you’ll likely figure it out eventually, but without the instructions how much longer will it take? How much frustration will you experience along the way? How many swear words are you going to use while you are going? And how sturdy will it be in the end? Joining this is the equivalent of having the instructions, a customer service # to call and another set of hands to help you hold the pieces together!

“Now just isn’t the right time to invest”

Economic downturns are the smartest time to invest because prices are lower than usual. This is why the rich get richer during times like this. They take advantage of markets when they’re low, while those with a poverty mindset hang on to everything they have, but nothing changes for them. I invested all I had when it was all I had (over $500k!), and every single day I am so grateful I did! I’ve created truly secure, crisis proof income.

“My partner doesn’t want me to spend this money”

This isn’t spending, it’s investing. Know the difference! People spend 10x’s that on university degrees and stay in the debt, paycheck to paycheck rut for years! That’s an old-school way of doing things. Those trading dollars for hours will struggle in the future. They already are. The cost of living keeps rising but we don’t get more hours in a day. Which means you aren’t going to get anymore dollars. Your partner will thank you when you can retire them in a few years!

“People don’t have money to spend right now”

This is not true! Myself and my peers have had our best months yet during this Pandemic. Why? Because millions of people are now looking to go online so that they can tap into global markets, not just local. Getting an online business growing right now is the smartest thing you can. You have over a million customers about 3 steps behind you. Get ahead of the curve while you still can!


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