You could spend hours on google, youtube, and blogs to learn how to start, or you could invest and learn how to do it in a weekend. 


you stuck on the wheel of you can't seem to get off

as a parent, working parent and an overworked employee...

why can others get ahead and you just can't?


start an eCommerce business, build a dropshipping company, do affiliate marketing, join this MLM, and post on social media and it will just work. 

But they don’t give you all the pieces. They give you bits and pieces and leave you stranded with a business that doesn’t work and is actually more of a liability than an asset. 

…business doesn’t have to be this way. It’s meant to work for you, not against you.


I laid awake for hours stressing about every dollar that came into my bank account and what I was spending it on. I knew I wanted to give my kid the world, but I just couldn’t seem to get ahead. I was working 50-60 hours a week for a job building someone else’s dream and was overworked, exhausted, and just overdone.  I started a business with hopes of getting out, but it wasn’t getting me anywhere.

I had guru after guru, expert after expert, giving me advice that no matter what thing I tried didn’t give me success, didn’t help me grow, didn’t help me get to where I wanted. In fact it kept me in the ‘still’ phase. Still hustling, still busting, still trying to piece it all together. And still stuck at my job.

I didn’t want to work 40, 50, or 60-hour weeks anymore…

I didn’t want to work for someone else…

And I didn’t want to do complicated cause I didn’t have time for it and didn’t solve the real issue I was facing…growing my business easily. I needed something like YESTERDAY.

Growing your business should play on skills you already have and can be the base you build your business from. But no one teaches you how to do that. Now, you might be thinking…..


You must be off your rocker, there is no way business can be that simple…

And the truth probably have some parts of it already (yes! Even if you don’t have a business yet…) or have seen parts of it. You just weren’t ever taught the HOW of making it all work for you. Business isn’t cookie-cutter. It’s an individualized game. Your business should support you, play to your strengths and allow you to be the


Starting and growing a business with a roadmap will flip the way you look at things, and how you operate your business, and I am going to show you exactly how. Imagine if you could wake up every morning to a business you loved, instead of an alarm clock at some crazy hour to show up for a job you hated. Better yet, you can sleep in, and set your own hours.

Or having clients that you loved, that energized and pumped you up.  Ones that loved what you produced so much that they recommend you to all their business friends and contacts and your business just continues to grow. 

What if your business was built on your dreams and made to work for you and with you instead of against you?

The reality is that you can.

hi, I am Teagan.

a Virtual Assistant Business Pro and review-raving creator of Oh Hey Freelancer...

I started my business after a massive life change…HAVING MY BABY! I knew that working a 9-5 just wasn’t a fit for me anymore. I didn’t want to miss out on the firsts. The first step, first word, first smile, first meal, the first day of school. That is hell no for me. I wanted to be there. I also didn’t want to work in a paycheck-to-paycheck way where I couldn’t give him the life I wanted him to have.

I left a job I didn’t love, where I was used and abused and then thrown to the side. I got demoted in fact and told I wasn’t cut out to do the job I literally studied for in school and KNEW I excelled at.  (In case you wondered just how good I was at it… I grew that business by 700% in the time I worked there, and expanded the team from 1 to 10 – see told you… good) After the demotion, I started getting to work. I worked on the weekends, during nap times, after I finished my 9-5 job until the baby woke up for that midnight feed. Every spare moment I was building. I was exhausted.

I spent the first three years of business hustling, grinding, and forcing anything and everything to happen. It was like pushing a square boulder up a mountain. I watched countless hours of videos, I downloaded an absurd amount of freebies, I took course after course, hoping something would work, that someone had that silver bullet – which of course… doesn’t really exist.

The results? 

I made $150k in my first year of business. 

But I lost way too many firsts with my son, my marriage dissolved into a divorce, lost all family support, got abused by clients, and I was in a deep depression. 

Now don’t go feeling sorry for me, please! I share this with you so you know that I have been there. I KNOW what that feels like. To want more, know that I was worth more, that something else HAD to work.

You are not the only one with these struggles (THANK GOODNESS!!) and everything is fixable. Like 1000% fixable.

When I discovered and implemented what is now the Virtual Assistant Foundations for myself…my life literally changed. My business changed and exploded, and I took back everything that was important to me. 

I went from working late late hours to working when I wanted to. Hello, naptime and sweatpants.

I doubled my revenue, without putting in any more time. 

I tripled my rates and got paid. In fact, I got more referrals than before.

I’ve paid for a divorce, a wedding, two cross-country moves, Disneyland annual passes, monthly Disneyland trips, and so much more…

so what changed?

I put systems, procedures and automations in place in my business to make things so much easier, a system that I put together for you to cheat the system and get ahead. Introducing,

so what is virtual assistant foundations?

Virtual Assistant Foundations is just what it sounds like. It’s essential for your entire virtual assistant business!

Every successful business out there has basics, essentials, and building blocks. They know their unique selling proposition, their help statement, their services, and their boundaries, and they are set up for success with a set of clearly defined systems and boundaries.

Without these building blocks, your business is going to feel like a hot mess freight train that is spiraling out of control. You are going to feel overwhelmed, not knowing what your next move is, where your next dollar is going to come from, how to speak to your clients, and what you will and won’t tolerate, and before you know it you are a sinking ship who is ready to throw in the towel light it on fire and burn it to the ground. It will feel like your skills aren’t even good enough. (Psst they totally are good enough!)

Now, before you start floating off into a doomsday spiral… Please note: every single successful business out there follows a set of building blocks. Period. No exceptions. It’s how they operate in efficiency and productivity.

The core functions of the essentials are..

But when you are downloading freebies, reading blog posts, binging youtube videos, and trying to put these things together on your own (cause no coach or consultant out there puts them ALL together for you)... you end up spending your time digging into research on the HOW instead of doing the activities that are gonna make you money. Hello, the pit of despair.

Without clear direction, set up systems, defined boundaries, and services… you begin to panic and not have clarity on what you will and won’t do, or who you are looking to target, and before long you are doing things you hate, discounting your pricing just to get clients in, you are feeling overwhelmed, and your business is sinking. You are debating looking for that 9-5 again because the business income is well… inconsistent.

So how does the Virtual Assistant Foundations program fix all of that?

Virtual Assistant Foundations takes your ideas and skills and helps you create systems, boundaries, research, services, and tools to set your business up for success and start marketing to the RIGHT people so you can make money.

Yep. That’s right.

The ENTIRE core of your business becomes just done so you can forget about figuring out those pieces, and do what you love. Dream bigger, make more and grow and scale a business that works and serves YOU. Ultimately creating the consistent income that you wanted from the start. And of course, making you the expert you were meant to be.

But Virtual Assistant Foundations is so much more than a few systems to implement in your business…

You will walk away from your time in VAF with…

So what's included?


The Business Blocks

We are starting at the bottom and building up! In this module, we are going to build out your business. You are going to get the legal stuff, branding stuff, setup, your skills, and more done so we can start to dive into what matters… clients!

$1000 Value

Client Journal

Do you have issues speaking to your clients cause you don’t know who they are? Nope, we don’t have time for that. You are going to learn a foolproof way to learn how your client operates, what they like and dislike and how to learn exactly what they are wanting, how to get them to convert and so much more...

$1000 Value

Boundaries + Priorities

Maybe it’s happened, if not it will. You are going to have a nightmare client who will want everything, the kitchen sink, and your underwear too and they will want it all for CHEAP. Uh sorry, Sally, we didn’t get into business to give away our skills, we are here to make money. We are going to learn how to set your boundaries and how to overcome those vampires when they come up. We are also going to cover contracts so we can ensure that we are covered from the start.

$1000 Value

Audience Mic Drop

Ready to learn a new language and speak it fluently? Solid. We are going to learn how to speak fluent ‘clientese’ and stay consistent with our promotions and value drops so that our audience finds us and interacts without us really even having to try. We are also going to learn how to find them in the ‘wild’ and get our businesses to the top of the ‘to be considered’ pile

$1000 Value

Lead Machine

Have a digital optin? Maybe a swipe file to offer up? Perfect. We are going to build a lead machine that you can turn on to set it and forget it so that leads are flowing in your door on the regular. Because you are going to need a steady flow to keep business rolling

$1000 Value

Upsell Stack

One of Teagan’s favorite things to do is upsell stack. Yup, give an additional service, package, or offering on top of what your client is already paying for. Learn how to get repeat customers at your door, and make EVEN more off one client. We will also learn how to get testimonials here when things are happy and they will rave about you

$1000 Value


Join me inside of a community of like minded individuals where we can answer questions, cheer you on and help you succeed! and yes, I am actually in there answering questions!



Get access to all my templates, all the swipes and yes even a contract I paid a lawyer over $1500 to have done!

$2500 Value


Get access to my exclusive training around how to become a booked out virtual assistant FAST. Use these techniques to get your first or 15th client. It works - over and over again.

$497 Value


Gain access to everything for LIFE. That means come back in 2 years and it will still be there, and you get all the updates that come with it.


who is virtual assistant foundations for?

While Virtual Assistant Foundations sets up a foundation that every single assistant business needs, in every single niche has…my skill set is

supporting highly skilled individuals and business owners to start, grow and skill their virtual assistant businesses online.

Virtual Assistant Foundations is best suited for highly skilled individuals dedicated to making their business a reality. Fearless individuals typically are building their businesses actively, ready to start their businesses, and spinning their wheels trying to figure it all out. They wanna skip to the good part.

They know they are worth more, they deserve more, and they don’t see themselves on the hamster wheel of a 9-5 forever, cause there is more to life than that.

They want to build an audience and scale their business but don’t know where to start. Virtual Assistant Foundations gives the exact roadmap to follow. 

what do my clients think?

...she is knowledgeable about many programs...
“I have enjoyed working with Teagan because she is professional, intelligent and self-motivated. Any time I have given her a task to complete, she thinks through it and asks questions upfront to ensure she not only achieves the goal, but exceeds it. She is knowledgeable about many of the programs I use to run my business and even when she does not, her speed at learning is accelerated. She always greets me with a smile and a can-do attitude no matter what I ask for her support around.” - Wendy
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Teagan is wonderful to work with...
"Teagan is exceptional at what she does! Her work is always delivered on time and at the highest quality. Her breadth of knowledge and skillset never ceases to amaze me. In addition to providing exceptional support, Teagan is wonderful to work with and a fantastic team player. Thanks Teagan for being incredible!" - Ashley
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...truly a game changer!
“Thank you thank you thank you for all the support, it is truly a game changer.” -Emily
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...literally saved my life...
“She is a f*cking rockstar and has literally saved my life. So so grateful for her!” - Britt
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she is my go-to for all things business
“If there is one thing I know, is Teagan knows the business. She studies it, cares about it, and wants to keep herself and her clients ahead in it. She is my go-to for all things business.” - Kes
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...landed a client in 3 days!
“I started working with Teagan inside of Virtual Assistant Foundations, and landed a client in the first 3 days!” - Mallory
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Look, I hear you. As a mama to one VERY highly energized seven-year-old, I know that time isn’t always my own. So this is why I made every single module inside the course shorter than 30 minutes. We don’t have time to play around and we need to MOVE that business needle. 

You also gotta think… if you don’t make the time now to start your business, where will you be in one year? Still stuck at that shitty job you hate?  Jealous scrolling through social media? Jumping from one business idea to the next, hoping for that silver bullet?

So let Virtual Assistant Foundations solve that problem.

Implement the blocks, grow your business by letting the system free up the HOW, then scale, and then enjoy your business by doing just the things that you love. That way you can have that extra trip money, leave that job you hate, and live life on your terms.

Who didn’t start from somewhere?! 

Everyone did. No one was successful from the first day, and I mean no one. The first and best thing you can do for yourself is to do that… start!

I started and took notes so you can skip the pitfalls. Hello, cheat codes. 

I’ve created all of the guides, the templates, the systems, and ALL of the training you need to see success with the Virtual Assistant Foundations program. 

You don’t need to worry about what step to take next because I will help you with the support community and inside the modules.

Saying that “launching” hasn’t worked for you before is like saying you tried on another person’s retainer and they didn’t fit. Well duh, that retainer isn’t yours…. 

It’s just crazy when we look at it that way right?!?!

Business takes MANY, many forms. It isn’t cookie-cutter or a one size fits all. 

And my system will work. For any business. Because it plays into your individualized needs.

I’ve implemented it in a bunch of businesses and worked with thousands of businesses to grow and get more clients. 

The systems are the reason it works. 

One-off pieces don’t work, they just don’t because they are that. Pieces. They weren’t designed to be put together. They were designed to stand alone. But VAF isn’t that. It’s a complete pair of gold sequined pants. 

Because you not only need to know how to market but who to market to, how to convert them, how to set boundaries from the start, and have a rinse-and-repeat system that won’t fail you… like ever. Cause you are in the business of making money and wowing people, not running around like a tired mess. 

So I’ll say it again for those in the back. Don’t knock on Virtual Assistant Foundations, because “business” hasn’t worked for you before. 

Hell yes, you can! I started my business when my little one was six months old, and I haven’t looked back since. The beauty of this business is that you can do it anywhere and at any time because YOU set the time and the hours. 

So if you can only work on the weekends for clients, cool. 

You are only able to work 5 hours a week to start? Ok, rad. You are the boss so you decide. That is the beauty of business.

1000%! This business is able to work in any country. No, I am not joking. I have clients in Canada, China, Europe, and Brazil. So I know you can do it anywhere. Even the north pole if you wanted. Hell, I have done it from lines at Disneyland, on road trips, and even at the dentist’s office. 

The only piece of this course that will be slightly different outside of the USA,  is the legal area as your laws may differ from those in the United States. But, I will help you out there so we can ensure you have things set up from the start.

I can’t guarantee you will have a super successful business as that part depends on you. But I can guarantee you that I will be there to support you EVERY step of the way. In fact, if you reach the end of the course and you still haven’t gotten clients, I will continue to support you until you do.

You betcha! I want to ensure that you KNOW it’s right for you. So if you still need help, send me an email at

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