hey you, ready to

make this happen?

building a business is hard.

In fact they don’t often tell you how hard it is, leaving you all sorts of frustrated when you see others having successes and you just… aren’t. I hear you. I have been there. I have had the long 16+ hour days to try and kill my goals while supporting a family. I’ve taken the leap and left the security of a 9-5 for something of my own. I’ve even hit that plateau that you feel you will never get past.

there is more. it can be bigger.

Leaning into your dreams

what YOU want in life is one the most incredible things you can do for yourself. To step up and believe in yourself is a great accomplishment and feeling.

People around you may not understand it. But I do. I get the big dreams, the big goals, and the impact you are on a mission to make. 

Here’s the thing friend, if it’s to be… it’s up to you. 

You can’t make those dreams into realities if you stay stuck in your box, you stick to the hamster wheel, you hide your amazingness, you hide behind shame, or allow others to dull your beautiful sparkle. 

If you stay there, in the constant push, the deep desires you have, the inaction of following up on them will lead you to an even smaller box.

How do I know? Once I leaned into my desires, created a space to dream, and created a business through freelancing and utilizing my skills… my business changed.

what if...

⚡️ You didn’t dread mondays

⚡️ You made MORE, gobs more

⚡️ Got to spend more time with your loved ones

⚡️ You could spend your time doing what you wanted

⚡️ You could take a vacation and actually vacation

⚡️ You could ditch the 9-5 for good

⚡️ You could be more confident

it could be real... if you lean in

Don't be afraid...

this is the thing for you if...

⭐️ If you’re ready to uncover your next income level and break through your current plateau with ease…

⭐️ If you’re ready to finally put “working hours” in the rearview mirror and open the doors of your business…

⭐️ If you are ready to say no to hustle and grinding and honor your boundaries with grace and without guilt…

⭐️ If you’re ready to finally nail your transformation and craft your messaging that create next-level results

⭐️ If you’re ready to give up the guilt and fear that clouds your business decisions and makes you operate from a place of fear…

⭐️ If you’re ready for more ease, and more grace without doing ANYTHING more…

⭐️ If you’re ready to finally create the business that you’ve wanted since you started…

⭐️ If you’re ready to get that dream business out of your head and into reality…

it's time to be a


My 1:1 mentoring program is a 6-month, fully inclusive container designed to help you finally make the shift, create the space, and make the money that you deserve to make. And let me tell you…you soooo deserve it.

It is designed to create the opportunities (and the space to achieve those opportunities), I will guide you into your $10k in a way that works FOR YOU

You and I will tap into your vision and decide exactly the steps you need to take to get to that next level. Even if that level is just starting.

We’ll align your offerings with your true transformation and create an offer so irresistible, people feel it in their bones and HAVE to sign up, like they feel stupid missing out on it.

I will show you how to market and launch that offer in a way that feels totally aligned to you, your dreams, and your purpose. You will be completely supported through the process

What does it look like?

Let’s break down what the next six months will look like

unlimited calls

Book as many calls as you want during our six months together, yes really... unlimited. You choose, I will be there.

library access

You will get access to my entire library - trainings, programs, courses, templates, resources, workshops, etc.

direct access

Get direct access to me via messenger or voxer for your entire six months. Send me a message and I will answer you ASAP.

What do other clients say?

my guarantee to


If during our six months together you do all the work and still haven’t hit $10k in your business, I will continue to coach you until you do… for FREE.

hey babe...

i'm teagan

Invested $500k

I have invested over $500k into my business. Between coaches, trainings, group programs and an EMBA I have the training you need.

Built 4 biz-es

{Is biz-es a word?? It is today..} I have built not one but four businesses that all turn a profit. I am confident I can help you.

A Mom

I have one too! I have a eight year old, and I was a single mom for 2 years. I understand the balance of time, the mom guilt, and want to find what works for you!

Six figure earner

I hit those consistent 5 figure months on repeat and my businesses do 6 figures on the regular.

“I’ve invested over $500k into learning how to grow a business and serve my clients…”

Eight years ago I was working a 9-5 job, putting in 50+ hour work weeks, had a four-month-old and an absent husband. On an ordinary Thursday I was called into the CEO’s office and demoted from my Marketing Director job of 3 years because I ‘wasn’t a leader’.

I took that fire, decided then and there I was done with answering to someone else and created the business I wanted. It took me 2 weeks to replace my income and walk away. 

Fast forward a few years later, I divorced my absentee husband, became a full time single mother and started over. I invested even more into my business and haven’t looked back since. 

I have invested over $500k just to learn about business, the tools, and what I need to be a success for myself and my clients. 

My family still thinks I am crazy and often refers to my job as a ‘social media person’. But here I am 8 years later a multiple six-figure earner, making 5-figure months on repeat and living the dream in sweatpants #lifegoals.

I want the same for you! There is no reason why you can’t have it!


You are ready to take your business to a whole new level and live the life YOU want. Cause girl you have GOALS.


You KNOW you need someone there to support you, guide you and help you in your business. You have tried on your own already.


You know you need someone to call you out on your issues, cause this thing isn't going to make itself. Also loving emojis is a requirement 😉.


You have done all the strategies and things, but not seeing results you want. You are ready for REAL strategies.

Everything I have learned, tested, tried, invested in and know is going to be given to YOU. I have put over $500k into my business, which means I am about to put $500k into yours! 

How to attract clients

Offers that sell

building automations

weekly calls

Every week we hop on Zoom and chat for 45 minutes. We use this time to scheme, game plan & overcome issues.

Three or Six Months

You get support for either three or six months. That means weekly calls, and additional support the whole time.


You are going to need a boost, have questions or need an opinion during the week. You get access to me via messenger.


Once we wrap up our time together, you get a feature on my IG, FB & Email list. A reach of over 15K!

Directory Listing

At the end of our contract I will list you on my directory of Preferred VAs to get you hired FAST.

LIKE 9-5

You want to go back to the 9-5 grind and live a paycheck to paycheck life

Like Stuck

You like feeling stuck and don't want to grow your business & you're not ready to work.

Like No Money

You like the feast and famine rollercoaster & enjoy lowering your prices.

Like quick fixes

You are looking for that shiny silver bullet that is going to fix it all.

Listen, I truly understand how scary it can feel to take a bet on yourself. Every investment I make in myself I have a panic attack right before. But here is the thing,  it’s not a bet. Private Coaching is an investment in your future self. Your dreams. Your freedom. No excuses necessary🙌🏼

Here are some of the most common things I hear when people are considering 1:1 coaching {maybe you can relate?}

‘I can do this alone, I don’t need to invest in this to be successful.’

Starting and scaling a business is a lot like building a house, but without a blueprint. Sure if you watch enough videos, read enough books and talk to enough people you will build it. But how much longer will it take you? How frustrated will you be in the end? How many times will you want to give up? How solid will it be when you finish? By having a coach you get the blueprint, contractors, customer service support and a team of helpers to build it quicker and stronger. 

‘Now just isn’t the right time’

Here is the thing. Economic slumps are the BEST time to invest in things because prices are lower. This is why the richer get richer. They start and build things when it is cheap! They take advantage of that mindset of poverty and build because they don’t think like this. I invested every dime I had multiple times over and I am so so glad I did. It has given me a secure, crisis proof income.

‘My partner doesn’t want me to spend money’

Here is the thing. This isn’t spending. Spending means you are going to give it and get a thing back. Investing means you spend and get a return that gives and gives. This is investing. By investing in your business and dreams you are building something that can give you a way to escape dollars for hours, the paycheck life, and the struggle. They will be happy you invested when they get to retire.

‘People don’t have the money right now’

Nope. False. I have had some of my BEST months in the last year. Why? Because every business out there is pivoting into the online space and that means they need… help. Which is where you come in. By getting ahead of the curve, learning how to build, you are creating something you can beat out your competition on and charge $$$ for.

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