Social media can be such a drag. Knowing when and what to post can be so overwhelming, you end up posting nothing at all. So I’m giving you the low down. The best way to schedule an entire month of social media content at one time. That’s right, set it and forget it.

Best Way to Schedule a Month of Social Media Content

planning to schedule a month of social media content

What Day Is It?

First things first, you have to set aside a day. Or at least a few hours on one particular day. The last Friday or Saturday of the month, depending on whether you like social media to take a day of your regular schedule or if you would rather it take over a weekend day instead.

Set a timer, put your phone on do not disturb, and get busy!

Get It Together!

Gather the tools you’re going to need to schedule out your month. Printing off a blank calendar page works excellent, or you can use a paper or digital calendar. I don’t like to have it on my regular calendar-it just makes it too junked up, and then I can’t find anything. 

If you’re using different colored pens or highlighters to note the different types of posts you are making or for other platforms, then grab some. 

Are You Special?

Do you have any upcoming events or specials? Make a note of them. You want to be sure to promote them in advance of the day. Do you always make a post about your Monday blog? Make a note of that. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of posting when you have something specific to say.

mark celebrations when scheduling a month of social media content

Holiday, Celebrate!

Put on some old school Madonna and pull up a holiday and national hashtag calendar. Celebrate anything related to business or personal taste from National Donut Day to Veteran’s Day. It’s all up to you. It’s your brand, so celebrate what you want to!

Plan, Plan Away!

Ok, here’s where you get all lovey-dovey with your content and start planning. Do you have certain types of formats you like to use? Then plan your posts using those formats. Do you want to post to Instagram first, then repurpose it to Facebook and Twitter? Decide how to switch it up.

A note on pins-pins are something I usually leave for a whole different time since that ties into my blog posts and products. 

But start lining it out. 

delegate tasks when scheduling a month of social media conent


If you use a VA, you can hand this off and let them grab the pics and start scheduling. But if you are the Virtual Assistant or it isn’t in your budget yet to have one, then just skip this step, girl, and power on through.

Get Your Pics

Ok, if you don’t have a virtual assistant, you will need to get your own pics. This could be QUALITY pics you took yourself, that someone took of you and your product or stock photos. 

If you are looking for royalty free content to use, try,, or Besides that, there is iStock, Adobe Stock and Deposit Photos, and so many small, trendy stock photo sites. 

Get On It!

Now it’s time to get on it! Start creating your posts in whatever scheduler you use. Just remember that social media platforms like Instagram hate when you post and run. They love to see you engaging. If your schedule is for posting on Wednesdays at 10 am, then log on at 9:45 and engage away for half an hour. IG will love you for it, and you will see your numbers start to improve. Also, put your hashtags in at this stage. You can make researching them an additional step in your process if you’d like. 

So there you have it. That is the best way to schedule a month of social media content at one time and knock it out of the park. If you do it all at once, it gets it out of the way, and you can focus on other things. Social media is a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be a painful process to manage it.

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