Keeping up with social media can be SO time-consuming. All the content planning, content creation, scheduling, posting, interaction, whew! It can be so overwhelming. But here is a list of mini-tasks you can do when bored, waiting in line, or while brushing your teeth. 

Super Easy Social Media Tasks to Do When You Are Bored

Make a List 

Do a little bit of social media comparison. Find out what sites are bringing in the most traffic. But not just the most traffic but the most interaction. You want to keep track of this information, whether that be on a Google or Excel spreadsheet or a sheet in your planner but take note! 

Keeping track lets you know where to invest your time and energy, and it ALL comes down to time, energy, and valuable resources.

Check your Facebook top posts as an easy task to do when you're bored


Check your top posts on your Facebook business page. See what posts are most popular. Make a note of how to tweak your future content to most closely match what is doing well on your Facebook feed. 


Find new people and boards to follow on Pinterest. But it doesn’t stop there. You also need to find boards you can join to share your content.

You want to find boards with a fair amount of members but not TOO many, so your pins get buried. You also want to make sure there are repin rules, such as for every pin you share, you have to repin one. This ensures that pins are shared at least some of the time. 


Engage, engage, engage. Go to your competitors’ pages and engage with your Ideal Clients on their posts. BUT BE GENUINE. Do not be all gross and spammy. Nobody likes that. It leaves you feeling all icky and slimy, ew.


I know we all tend to forget about LinkedIn, but it’s making a comeback, so take time to update your profile and do a little bit of engaging. You want to follow people in your field and make connections with those you would network with in real life if given the opportunity.

brainstorm ideas as an easy tasks to do when you're bored

Check and Set

It’s always good to check your numbers at the beginning of the month and set goals. Again, you can nerd out and keep a spreadsheet or keep track of it in your planner but definitely note your social media numbers. Where they are at and where you want them to be. 

But do NOT obsess over them and constantly check them. They are going to fluctuate, especially on Instagram, where people follow and unfollow every few days. You can’t take it personally. To some people, it’s just like a game. Just make sure you don’t get wrapped up in it. Follow people you want to follow.

Brain Dump

I carry a notebook around with me for ideas. You never know when you will get a download, and you just can’t rely on your memory to keep track of all the juicy bits of insight that come your way. Write. It. Down!

Blog Lovin’

update your blog as an easy to do task when you're bored

Got a minute? Read a favorite blog AND leave a comment. If you are a blogger, this is especially important because it builds relationships with other bloggers, and in some cases, you can leave a link to your own blog, which can increase your SEO and help improve your traffic. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Hash it Out

It’s always a good idea to research hashtags. You want to use a wide variety of hashtags, making stair steps from low use ones up to the hugely popular ones people love so much. If you’re just starting out, you REALLY need these smaller volume hashtags to get you seen and to drive people to your board. 

So that’s my take on super-easy social media tasks to do when you’re bored. They take just minutes and most of them you can do anywhere and take nothing more than your phone. So instead of mindlessly scrolling when you are bored, tackle social media with a purpose. 

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