With so many people having to stay home, virtual assistance has become the hottest thing since sliced bread. But if you’re new to the online world of working from home, you may be wondering how to turn your skills into something marketable. Heck, you may be wondering if you even have skills. Never fear, I assure you, you do. 

 what services to Offer as a Virtual Asssitant

What Services Can I Offer as a New VA?

In the beginning, you may not have as many skills as someone who has been doing this for 10 years. But don’t get all bummed out. There’s still a place for you!

We all have to start somewhere. Even starting from the bottom while working from home is pretty awesome sauce. I mean, there’s no commute. You save a fortune on work attire and lunches out. And you get more ZZZ’s since you only have to go to (insert wherever your computer is). And you don’t have to listen to Negative Nancy complaining loudly about whatever has her panties in a twist since you no longer have coworkers. 

Considering those things, you come out on top even when you think about the lower rates of entry-level VAs. And the entry-level rate doesn’t last for long. Once you build up some clientele and build your skills, you can raise your rates. 

And because you are your own boss, you get to decide what your entry-level rate is, anyway. If you want to set it for $40 an hour for data-entry, then you go, girl! Just be prepared to seriously market yourself hardcore to make up for the difference in market prices. 

What are some services you can offer as a VA

Below are some entry-level VA jobs:

  • Data Entry
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Support
  • Research
  • Email Management 
  • Office Administration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Answering Service

American prices for these services range from $20-40 an hour. Of course, this depends on your experience, the specific job, and as always, what the market will bear. 

What Services Can I Offer With a Developed Skillset?

There are many high-end or developed skillsets of virtual assistance. These are positions that were once considered freelance work that has migrated over under the umbrella of Virtual Assistance. 

These days any work one can do virtually that is considered to be of assistance to a business is being covered by many Virtual Assistance agencies. 

These skilled areas demand a higher pay scale, and you can expect to earn $40-120 an hour with these services, depending on what service you are offering. Below are some standard high-skilled services.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Tech VA
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Audio/Video Editor
  • Web Developer
  • OBM
 you can offer graphic design as a virtual assistant service

What if I Don’t Have These Skills?

Chances are you do have some of these skills because you’ve worked other jobs where you have had to manage someone’s inbox, keep their schedule, or manage their social media. 

But let’s say you are brand new on the work scene and in need of some skills. There are plenty of places to learn how to do these things with online virtual assistant schools becoming very popular. 

You can even do a DIY YouTube crash course for free. You will most likely spend a few too many hours chasing random videos down rabbit holes this way, but it’s an option. 

You can always intern for someone to build your confidence as well.

Something to Remember

Remember when starting out that you’re opening your own business as a Virtual Assistant. You aren’t an employee.  You’re building a working relationship as one business owner to another. 

It’s vital to maintain healthy boundaries and keep an open line of communication. You’re a team working towards a common goal of success for their business. Because if their business is a success, so is yours, which means more dinero in your pocket. 

So there are two different options when it comes to opening a new VA biz. But I have faith in you and think you will do just fine. Just start where you are comfortable and learn, learn, learn in your spare time. Learning and networking are the most productive ways to spend your free time in the beginning. You’ve got to build your skillset to command higher dollars once you get a few clients under your belt and can start working on referrals. So, that’s it. Look into these ideas for a starting point, and you’ll do a FABulous job. And if you want more awesome tips and other juicy bits of info, join my FB group HERE

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