I know you’re new in business, and you just want everyone to be your client. You want to help everybody, reach everyone, and gosh darn it, can we all just sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya? 

Well, that might work in summer camp, but it’s not how it works in the real world. 

In the real world, people are divided by their likes and dislikes, and that’s why you need an Ideal Client. Someone you can bond with over common interests-then you can gather around the campfire and roast marshmallows, vegan ones if you prefer.

Think outside the box when finding your ideal client

Reason # 1 You Need an Ideal Client

People have preferences. While some will settle for Pepsi if Coke isn’t available, many will just say no. Those aren’t Pepsi Co’s people. They want the people who love them or who will at least settle for them in a pinch, but diehard fans are, of course, the preference. 

And that’s what you want and need. Diehard fans that will love you and shout your praises from the highest rooftops. You want your clients to be spreading your name far and wide. Your clients’ references are better than any ad dollars you could spend.

Reason # 2 You Need an Ideal Client

You need an Ideal Client to get clear on your message. If you aren’t clear on your message, then when you’re speaking (think content and copywriting), it’s like yelling “Mom!” at Disney World. Chances are most moms are going to ignore that yell, but you might get some who turn around to look because they absent-mindedly aren’t sure if they have all their kids in tow, but are any of those moms the mom you’re really looking for? 

You need an Ideal Client so you can chat. One you’d get together with for coffee or have a glass of wine with and gossip a bit. Get to know each other, find out what she really likes, what keeps her up at night, what makes her feel important as a person. In other words, what makes her tick. 

Mom at DisneyWorld reason you need an Ideal Client

Reason # 3 You Need an Ideal Client

An Ideal Client is going to define your business. Getting to know who your Ideal Client is and what she likes lets you know what you should be offering her. Of course, you like selling orange and black aprons that say “The Witch is Back” with a cute little witch flying a broom. But your Ideal Clients all want something more. 

When you’re selling what your Ideal Client desires instead of what you think they need, that’s when you start rolling in the dough.

Reason #4 You Need an Ideal Client

An Ideal Client weeds out the riff-raff. You know the ones I’m talking about. The Discount Donnas and the Negative Nancies. They want what you offer for massive discounts and get angry when you don’t give it to them. Or take your courses, ask for a refund (which you provide to keep the peace), and they still give you a bad review.

Knowing who your Ideal Client is and filling your calendar with them will make you and your business very, very happy. 

Reason # 5 You Need an Ideal Client

An Ideal Client knows your worth. This goes with #4 but takes it a step further because an Ideal Client can’t wait to work with you. They’re finding ways to make it happen. They believe in you and what you do, and they want to be part of it. They aren’t asking for discounts to make it happen. They open your emails, maybe not all of them, because no one’s perfect. They comment, like, or share your social media posts and are present for you because you are present for them. 

Bringing it All Home

Having an ideal client can save you time, energy, and money. It takes a little research initially, and expect your IC to evolve as your business grows, but it’s always worth the work to know exactly who they are to you.

So that’s it. Are you convinced? I hope so. If you’d like more information and my fantastic freebie on How to Find an Ideal Client, sign up below. And if you’re on Facebook and want tons of fabulous content join us in my FB group She Knows Biz by clicking HERE.


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