Social media for business can feel like such a drag. There are so many hoops to jump through, and when you don’t get results, you just want to throw in the towel. But it’s like following a recipe, follow specific steps, and you get something fabuuuulousss. So, here to take out the guesswork are 9 easy steps to improve your social media marketing.

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How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Have a Brand

First, start at square one. To improve social media, you need a brand. People need to recognize who they are following. You can’t have shiny object syndrome with your brand either. Pick something and stick to it! Your brand is not only going to be your aesthetic but also your message. Stay on point.

Plan of Action

You have to have a plan of action to improve your social media marketing. If you don’t know where you’re going, you could end up in Ketchum, Idaho. Nobody knows or cares about Ketchum, Idaho. You need a plan to map out your Instagram board by using a tool like Planoly (try it out HERE). Or plan your content on Facebook, so your posts feed into one another and lead your Ideal Client on a journey.

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Post, Post, Post

Repetition is key. Stay in front of your audience if you want to improve your social media platforms. Post regularly but post quality content, too. Create engaging posts that provide useful content to your Ideal Clients, but that leads them through your sales journey.

Share Helpful Info

Yes, you’re in business to make a little cha-ching, but you’re also in business to serve your Ideal Client, never forget that. Service first. To improve your social media marketing, you should be serving your IC quality free helpful tips and advice. You don’t have to give your services and products away for free, but show them why you’re the expert and why they need you.

Ask Questions

To improve your social media, you have to engage. Nobody likes being talked at. Have a conversation with your audience instead. Ask questions, seek their input, try to get them to talk about themselves. Not only does it increase your engagement, which increases your reach, but it increases your know, like, and trust factor and helps you with market research so pay attention to what your audience is saying! Don’t forget to go back to read and engage with the comments being left.

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Fabulous Freebies

People love free stuff. Yes, some people just want your fabulous freebies, and yes, some people will sign up for them and never even open the initial email, but give them away anyway. It’s a numbers game, and it pays better than Lotto. So create your freebies and give them out like candy on Halloween. 

Give Discounts 

To improve social media engagement, and drive sales, give discounts to your loyal fans. Entice people, even if it means putting a little cushion to provide you with room to offer a discount. People who pay in full should always get something extra, whether it be bonuses or special pricing. 

Share Selfies

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. You’re the face of your brand, and people want to get to know you. So show them your beautiful face. No need to overdo it with 22 selfies a day but let your audience get to know who they’re buying from. Don’t worry about having model perfect pictures that are staged perfectly. Your Ideal Client wants to know you are the real deal or -at the very least, that you have real moments. So share!

And Finally…Sell Your Products

When you’ve done all that and built a rapport, then it’s time to sell your products. It’s courting, a love affair, not a drunken pickup at (insert the latest cool club). You want a long, lasting relationship, no walk of shame here. 

Bringing Your Social Media Engagement Home

When you’ve done all these steps, and you’re taking time to do them regularly, you’ll start seeing results, but you still want to engage with your Ideal Client. You never want to forget about them. Find where they hang out and chat them up, like their comments, and court them on other posts, drawing them to you. And never, ever spam their inbox-quality engagement always wins. 

Comment below with the step you most need help with to improve your social media marketing. I’d love to hear how you’re going to make changes to kick some butt on your social media platforms. 

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