You’ve made an Instagram account, made yourself look like a million bucks (get it, girl), and blasted your IG profile everywhere, but your account is a little sad and lonely. We’ve all been there. No worries, here are 11 ways to increase your Instagram traffic.

Of course, there are those overnight sensations who gained 10K followers in like seconds flat, but Instagram has been tightening its algorithm belt for years, making engagement and reach more and more difficult. The rules are rough these days, so it’s crucial to know how to play the game. Nailing these 11 areas will help increase your traffic on Instagram immensely. 

Stellar photography to increase Instagram traffic

Ways to Increase Your Instagram Traffic

Stellar Photography

I know not everyone is a gifted photographer, but it’s important to take and edit a decent picture to get you noticed on Instagram. You’ve got to stop the scroll. You can take some great classes on (insert affiliate link???) to get you started if you struggle in this area. 

Be Present

You have to show up. Instagram rewards people who spend time on their app. So if you’re commenting, liking, and posting, you feed the Insta algorithm and make it very happy and content. This means you will get Instagram traffic of your own.

Have a Biz Account

It’s crucial to have a business Instagram account because many features are only offered to Instagram business accounts. Such as insights and metrics essential to planning your posts, adding links to your IG stories, and more. 

ways to increase Instagram traffic

Killer Optimized Bio

Your gorgeous photos will get you likes and send people to your profile, but your bio is what’s going to get people to follow you and head to your website. It needs to have personality, style and yet tell them what you do AND give them a link in 150 characters or less.

Know Who the Big Dogs Are

We all want to be the expert in our field, but it’s important to know who the Big Dogs are in your area to increase your Instagram traffic. You will want to hang out on their posts and reply to and like their follower’s posts. Make friends with them, so they see you as a more attainable expert. 

Know Trends in Your Industry

You’ve got to know what’s hawt. Suppose you are trying to start a fashion blog and still talking about parachute pants and leg warmers that’s going to be a hard no. Save that for “I Was an 80s Goddess” blog instead. Know your audience, know what they like, and understand what the trends are. 

Plan Your Content

Instagram is all about aesthetics. It’s a visual social platform. You want it to look good, be on brand, and be cohesive. Not just throw stuff up there like wet spaghetti and see what sticks. If you want more Instagram traffic, you have to be strategic. 

Stay on Brand

You’re a business, and people need to recognize when they see you. So stay on brand. This could mean staying within your brand’s color schemes, using a particular filter, and ONLY that filter. Just don’t change your look every other week. It’s too confusing to your Ideal Client. 

Respond to All Comments

You’re trying to build a relationship with your audience. You want them to know, like, and trust you so that they will buy from you. Taking time to say “Hey, thanks for commenting, you’re awesome.” will help increase your Instagram traffic.

hashtags to increase your Instagram traffic

Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags

You get 30 of these bad boys, so use them up. You want to use hashtags with a smaller reach and hashtags with a medium reach and not just those big 600K reach hashtags. Spread out your hashtag love to get found. 

Write Good (but Authentic) Copy

For those who slow their scroll, write great copy. Not too long, not too short, make it authentic and heartfelt, with a touch of humor. But also make sure to read it through for errors and flow. 

Making Instagram Traffic Work for You

You want all this Instagram traffic to grow your audience because sales is a numbers game. The larger your audience, the more people to sign up for your fabulous free thing. Then some of those will buy your fantastic program or product.  But it all begins with increasing your Instagram Traffic, and these 11 ways will get you off to the right start. 

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