So it has been a little known fact, at least if you have been in business circles of any type, or looked on Pinterest that you need to have a niche. But what exactly does that mean when it comes to marketing? We look at marketing as this all encompassing thing that we just put things out there and hope that something we do out there is going to stick and get crazy amounts of traction.

Now, that could happen, but I am betting… probably not.

So why does this tactic not work? Well to better explain it, I am going to use an analogy. And before a terribly embarrass myself, let me give you a little back story. The last time I went fishing was when I was 15. I was staying with my grandparents up in Yellowstone while my parents were on a business trip. My sweet grandpa, decided to have a little bonding time with me and take me fishing. Now I am not a girly girl by any means, but there are some things that just sick me out. Turns out fish guts is one of those things.

So we go fishing down on the docks, he baits my line for me, and we get to fishing. After a bit of time I reel in a nice 8″ rainbow trout. The area we were in was not a catch and release, it was a catch and keep. Soooo… the next thing I know I am gutting a fish on the dock. So if this marketing analogy has some flaws, bare with me… it is not my strong suit.

Casting Nets

When you cast those nets to catch your fish, you bait them very specifically. You are wanting a specific kind of fish to be caught there for you use specific bait, specific nets, you fish a certain spot and maybe a certain time of day. You do this to get the most amount of those fish as you can. The biggest bang for your buck.

Granted, you might catch a few random fish you didn’t set out for along the way, but that is ok. As long as your net is swimming with the fish you did want. Right?

Think of the show the Deadliest Catch. They are crab fishers. They bait their traps different for each type of crab they hunt. When they go for King crab they use different bait and traps, but when they go after Blue Crab it is completely different. They do catch some random things along the way, and that is ok.

Now how does this help you?

Niche Your Marketing

You have to learn to niche your marketing too! You have to ‘bait’ your marketing specifically, you have to place it in the right spot and you have to put it in at the right time. You want to go after a VERY specific type of person so that you get the dreamy clients time and time again.

When you cast your ‘net’ with the intent of catching everyone, you are going to catch nothing. This is because you don’t have the right bait, the right net or the right placement.

So you need to work on really honing in on your market!

The beautiful thing is it is super easy to really hone in on these things and get them to work for you on repeat. The first step is to learn about your person and where they are and how they act. Once you know that, you can tailor your experiences for them very easily!

I wanted to help you learn how to do this, cause this was a frustration I had when I first started my business. I had a great product and I wanted everyone to buy. I mean who wouldn’t want to have a killer social?! It was the one thing that had me stuck.

There are a set of 9 questions you can ask yourself about your ideal client to really help you learn about them, their needs, fears and wants so you can tailor your messaging towards them.

Curious of what they are?

Download it here, and get to work on getting those nets out there! You are going to be a networking pro in no time!

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