Starting a new business is so exciting, but it can be overwhelming, too. There are sooo many hoops to jump through, and so much information you need to know. Having been there, I want to make it a little easier for you. Here are the 9 best tools for small business owners who are just starting out. Ready? Let’s go!

Tailwind, Pinterest She Knows Biz

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With Tailwind, you can easily schedule a month’s worth of pins in record time. Tailwind will also suggest what times and how many pins need to be posted each day according to the magical world of algorithms. Tailwind is a fabulous tool, and it would take you several hours a day to do what Tailwind does—a HUGE time saver.

Click here to give a try for free!

Color Story

This is an AH-mazing app you want for all your pics-whether they’re for Instagram, Facebook, sending your favorite recipe to your sister for the 22nd time because she never writes it down. Not only can you edit like a pro with this app, but you can also create the recipes in A Color Story. It’s like photoshop for your phone. So cool and fun. 

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


If you’re thinking about taking a course or creating one, Thinkific is the answer. There are so many fabulous courses, (*ahem) like my fantastic content, that can teach you nearly anything (Underwater Basket Weaving, perhaps?). It’s such an easy and intuitive course building platform you will love it! 

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Convertkit, Email Marketing She Knows Biz


Every business owner, including you, needs an email list. Convertkit is more than an ESP, it’s a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. It can help grow your email list, manage your clients, and it’s super easy to use. Mega-win. Convertkit has rave reviews. You need this tool!

Check them out here!


Everybody loves quizzes. Depending on your Ideal Client, creating quizzes might be just the thing to get them interacting with your brand. Interact supplies awesome templates, or you can create your own. You can even choose to do an upsell as your big finale. So check out Interact. 

Try out your first quiz here.


So, if you are giving away fabulous freebies like e-books or digital downloads, Sendowl will be your new BFF. They take all the hassle out of your freebie game and make it a walk in the park. You simply load your freebie into Sendowl, and they take care of the rest. 

Head over there and start your trial now.


Ok, so we all know Instagram is hawt. But Instagram is about aesthetics, so looking bold and beautiful is a must. Planoly helps you plan your brand look. You can upload, schedule, and hashtag your posts. Heck, you can even do your stories on it now. 

They have a free plan, so really, it’s a no-brainer.

Test it out here.

Canva, Design App, She Knows Biz


Not every business owner will need Canva, nah, pretty much everyone needs Canva. There’s a free version, but if you can afford Canva Pro, I highly suggest it. Building high-quality graphics from business cards to Instagram Story covers Canva makes beautiful graphics quick, easy, and fun.

Creative Live

Starting out in business, you have to do it all-wear ALL the hats. If you don’t know how to do something, a great place to start is Creative Live. There you can find courses on all sorts of creative tasks. I don’t know about you, but I like to learn things for myself if I can. Creative Live is my first stop for creative learning. 

Check out this steal of a deal from Creative Live, here.

Let’s Review Best Tools for Small Business Owners

Ok, so these are 9 of the best tools for small business owners I could find. These are my go-to faves. There are plenty of free trials or free versions, so give them a go. 

But remember, a tool is only as effective as the person wielding it. You still have to put in the hard work. 

I’d love to hear if you have a favorite not on the list.

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